Lori Stone Sirtosky

Lori Stone Sirtosky

Web Development / Photography / Design / Project Management / Labyrinths

Lori has been working in the area of web development and design for over 16 years. Her experience ranges from award-winning corporate work to small businesses to nonprofits large and small. She has worked as a developer, a trainer, and a project manager as well as an event organizer, handling complex projects and logistics.

She has also brought her development and management skills to community activism, political movements, and other efforts to create a more just world. She is very excited about her newest venture–helping communities create and experience the spiritual practice of permanent and temporary labyrinths.

Passions: Community Building, Grassroots Activism, Spiritual Development, Learning, Teaching, Mentoring, Serving Underserved Communities, Living Authentically.

Bryan Sirtosky

Bryan Sirtosky

Web Development / Project Management / Creative Consulting / Marketing

Since leaving the legal profession in 1996, Bryan has built a successful career in the IT industry as a programmer and software developer, working both as a consultant and as a full time employee.

Bryan has worked with many corporate and nonprofit clients over the years, delivering web-based applications, websites, and other solutions. He has also done a lot of volunteer and activist work with various nonprofit organizations, especially those representing the concerns of marginalized communities.

Passions: Open Source Activism, Social Entrepreneurship, Community Building, Civil Rights, Youth Empowerment, Spiritual Development, Serving Underserved Communities, Living Authentically, Data Science, Astronomy, Music.

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Lori Stone Sirtosky and Bryan Sirtosky are the developers behind Sirtosky Studios.

We are located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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